Fine Art Lampworking Supplies
Blown Glass Ornaments Tutorial
for Lampworkers using small torches
the size of a Minor Burner or bigger.

Implosions Tutorial
Taking it to the next level and paving
way for new artistic directions!

We have a lot of changes coming up for 2011. This web site will be making a few
transitions. The Glass, Tools and some Supplies are still available here for the next
few weeks. To provide the best customer service possible, the main web page for
most products will be
The New Art Glass House web page should be up and running Thanksgiving
Weekend! Look for more products each week as the site is built.
You will find more information and a much larger selection of dichro, tools, supplies
and glass!
Specialty items, like custom silver reactive 104 colors will move to the original web
Most of all, Rocio's Focus on Glass Art and Glass Education through books,
dvds and classes can be found at her New web page at
The third tutorial in Ron's glass series is now
available! Learn sculptural techniques using
glass shell as the topic. The tutorial starts
solid form, then continues into blown hollow
shells with fumed gold accents! The snail body
is also covered, showing how to bring it all
As some of you may know by purchasing the
implosion tutorial, there will be Add-ons
created for this tutorial. What requests do you
Perhaps a hermit crab in  a shell?